A sign of the past on Palmers Green station

A clue to Palmers Green’s wartime past, still visible on the London bound platform at Palmers Green station……..

Sign for the ARP staff shelter entrance on Palmers Green station. still clearly visible 70 years later

There were over 1.4 million ARP officers in the UK during the Second World War. Their functions were many and various including patrolling the streets during blackout, helping those whose houses had been bombed, issuing gas marks and Anderson shelters. Some became ARP Ambulance Attendants, providing first aid, and the sad task of helping recover bodies.

Alastair Parmar of Southgate District Civic Trust is asking local residents to come forward with memories of the shelter and the events that happened there. Likewise, we would be interested to hear your memories, particularly if you, a friend or relative remember the bombing of Palmers Green station in October 1944. You can email the trust directly here or share your stories below.