Palmers Green is, frankly, not very rock and roll. Though we did once have a member of the Shadows in our midst (and Cliff once lived in Winchmore Hill, in Calne Road, pop fans). And Joe Strummer. And 2011 Eurovision Winner and vanquisher of Jedward, Niger Jamal. And we were once mentioned in a top 10 hit, in the days when you had to sell a lot of records to have one.

Rod Stewart and Emma Bunton at various times lived in Broad Walk.

In this section, read about

Brian Bennett, Shadows drummer and song writer

Tymon Dogg, troubadour and friend of Joe Strummer

Niger Jamal, Eurovision winner

Jona Lewie, not from Palmers Green but the only singer to mention us in a hit record

Terry Oldfield, new ager and brother of Tubular Bells Mike

Joe Strummer

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