M to Q

Madeira Road

Meadowcroft Road

  • Built on the lands of Eaton Park Farm

Medesenge Way

Melbourne Avenue

Melville Gardens

Milicent Grove

Mitchell Road

Munster Gardens

Myrtle Road

New River Crescent

Norfolk Road

Oaktree Avenue

Oakthorpe Road

  • Originally known as Kings Arms Lane, Oakthorpe Road has also been known locally as Honeysuckle Lane and Heath Lane.
  • It once connected with Connaught Gardens, curving round to join Hedge Lane opposite the junction with Ash Grove.  Roughly where the curve between Oakthorpe and Connaught Gardens meets the north circular was the hamlet of Chequers Green, surrounded by nurseries owned by the Heath family. From here, you could cross via Blind Lane (now Chequers Way on the other side of the North Circular), a footbridge and a water splash into Tile Kiln Lane.
  • The Kings Arms pub once stood on the site of Truro House on the south side of the Junction with Green Lanes

Old Park Road

  • Old Park House stood on the corner with Alderman’s Hill until the Second World War; the site is now occupied by flats and shops fronting onto Aldermans Hill to the west of Palmers Green Station.

Osbourn Road

  • Built on the lands of the Hazelwood Estate in the first decade of the twentieth century
  • No 1 Osbourn Road, on the corner of Green Lanes, was the first home of Palmers Green High School for Girls . Stevie Smith and Flora Robson were early pupils

Ostliffe Road

  • Beckett and Ostliffe were Enfield Brewers. Is there a connection?

Owen Road

Palmerston Road

Pantiles Close

Park Avenue

  • Built on the lands of the Hazelwood Estate in the first decade of the twentieth century

Powys Road

  • Named after the Powys family,  who owned Broomfield Park until 1903

Princes Avenue

2 replies on “M to Q”

Very interested to find your blog. According to the 1911 census, my maternal grandfather Frank Maiden lived at 71 New River Crescent with his mother and I’d love to find out more about the house and area because a scant five and a half months later, Grandpa Frank emigrated to Africa and never returned to the UK. He was born and raised in Stoke Newington/ Islington. I believe the 1911 census was the first to be completed by residents themselves, so the handwriting on the form is that of my grandfather. He died before I was born, so it is the first time I have seen his handwriting. Grandpa Frank was the last of the children to leave home and they all emigrated. Must have been so hard for my Great Grandmother. Census form says he was a warehouseman for a glove manufacturer. I wonder whereabouts that could have been.

In the section about Oakthorpe Rd., there is a mention of the Heath family who owned nurseries in the area. I live in Chequers Way & I remember my Grandfather buying tomato plants etc from a nursery when I was a child (end of 40’s). This was in Tottenhall Rd. My memory is that access was via gap between the houses which used to be on the site where the flats at Beale Close are now. Would this nursery have belonged to the Heath family?
Also Medesenge Way estate is on the site of the old Greentrees Hospital which was a geriatric unit and is mentioned elsewhere on this site.
Sylvia Gambin

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