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6 Responses to Contribute / contact us

  1. Ian Temple says:

    Hi Sue
    I’ve had a quick look … good job!
    If your interested I would be happy to offer some vignettes of the architectural detailing in our house, some of which are quite different/unusual.

  2. Ian Temple says:

    Re: Open Studios & Arts Trail 7th-8th July

    Please could blog this worthy event by fellow ‘Gardener’ Dan Maier … I have posted at

    Many Thanks

  3. zeitkratzer stockhausen says:

    I I got a train back from Kings X last Sunday to PG. I ahd three pints in the Parcel Yard so my thinking was fuzzy but it was as welcome as the Hogwarts Express. Maybe FCC only send trains to the very very needy..!

  4. StephenLJ says:

    New Year’s resolution to exercise more? Join the parkrun crowd at Grovelands Park every saturday at 9am. Register and get your barcode at it’s all free. A Broomfield parkrun is possible, but there are established runs at Ally Pally, East Barnet and Pymmes Park as well.

  5. Jessica says:

    Please, you’ve missed out a place of worship in the local area, under your menu section: Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, ashley gardens, 9:30am 1pm 3:30pm Sundays and other midweek meetings shown on

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