Long Gone

Ye Old Thatched Cottage

Until 1938, Westlakes was the site of “Ye Old Thatched Cottage”, a local landmark. 

Alan Dumayne says that the mere mention of the Cottage would bring a faraway look of sweet remembrance into old Palmers Greeners’ eyes. It had been built in the late 18th Century by the Governor of the Bank of England Thomas Lewis as a lodge to The Lodge which once stood on the east side of Green Lanes.

The Cottage lost its rustic gardens to the widening of Green Lanes in 1906 and had began to look a little sorry by 19011 when it was rescued by Percy Whellock, who had it as a garden shop and nursery (there were two acres of ground behind).  The Cottage was a well known attraction, with the bedding plants in front and the attractive rural thatch. It was demolished to make way for a branch of Burton’s gentleman’s tailors in 1938.  

Pilgrim’s Rest

coming soon

Lacey Hall 

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Hello,I wonder do you have a photo of the Pilgrims rest restaurant that used to be in Hazelwood Lane Palmers green ? Thankyou for you assistance

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