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I Leslie Segeal lived with my parents, grandmother & 2 sisters in Princes Avenue Palmers Green
from 1934 thru to 1960 when I left to live in Australia. Many of the memories of a wonderful
upbringing we had before & after the war.. The bombs that wiped out part of Green Lanes especially where the dance hall was situated at the corner of Princes Avenue & Green Lanes `cause opposite was the Pitmans shorthand College. So many of our young both in the armed forces and young girls who went there to enjoy some company, vanished over night. Something that will always be remembered. On another night when the bomb landed thru` the airchute @ Bounds Green underground. Causing so many fatalities. Then there were the enjoyable times in Broomfield park with its lakes & swings & sports track. There are many more memories to tell from here downunder. I would be pleased to receive mail. Many thanks for your sire. L S

Hello Leslie

I am so sorry to be so slow in replying you your email – 9 months! I didnt spot it when you first posted it and I am particularly sorry because this were such interesting memories of Palmers Green – I would love to hear more. If you want to email me, we can do them as a post so that it gets seen by everyone. Hope your Christmas out there in Australia has been lovely – wishing you a great 2016


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