“Artistic villas”

The new houses springing up in Edwardian Palmers Green were advertised as “artistic villas” in a healthful and convenient location, catering to the ‘cut above’. Building on such a large scale, with an emphasis, at least ostensibly, on quality, meant rows of buildings built in pleasing harmony, with an attention to detail, ‘taste’ and mod cons. 

This section looks at the architecture of the area, and in particular the architectural features in our houses and outside them, with a gallery.

The aim is to create a catalogue of images which show the variety of the area, so if you would be willing to supply pictures of any original features you have in your house which are clues to our collective past – stained glass, tessellated floors, fitted furniture, fireplaces, outside loo, bells, gas fittings – I would love to include them. All pictures will be anonymised, and you will retain copyright.

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I have done quite a bit of work on the building of Palmers Green and the social history of our suburb between 1901 and 1914. Happy to share it !

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