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A quick glance at the list of shops and businesses on Green Lanes compiled by Alan Dumayne from 1938 onwards shows that Palmers Green was not well refreshed in the years after its development.  The only pub listed in central Palmers Green in 1938 is The Fox, which was at the time described as a hotel, fitting its past status as a transport hub. The days of shop conversions which have given Palmers Green some of its nightlife and provided the Wishing Well, Inn on the Green, the Live Room and the Alfred Herring were still some way in the future.

The most authoritative source of information on the hostelries in Palmers Green, and indeed Enfield, is Gary Boudier who wrote two volumes, A-Z of Enfield Pubs Parts One and Two, in which he researched the histories of hostelries in the area in impressive and exhaustive detail, including listing the known landlords for many local pubs down the ages.

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The Cock Tavern, Palmers Green/Bowes Rd was a blinder of a pub in the 60’s.
Proper pub, public/saloon/lounge/billiard tables & all, remember seeing ‘Bruno’ owner from the ‘Bezazz Coffee Bar'( bottom of Princess Ave) at 10.00pm leaving the coffee shop with snooker cue in hand walking to the pub ready to take on anybody!
I was fortunate to photograph many ‘ordinary people ‘ there on special nights….Barbara Windsor, Dirty Den! Alan Freeman, .bands/dancers, I think I still have the original 35mm negs.

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