Bourlet’s the jewellers is long gone, but its distinctive clock remains

Have you ever wondered what Palmers Green was like before the coming of the builders? Are you curious about the people who live here now, their memories and how Palmers Green has changed? Do you have a sneaking pride in where you live?

This website aims to celebrate Palmers Green and satisfy our natural curiosity  – about its streets and how they came about, and about those who live and work there now, and long before us. The focus is on the sense of place which makes it special, and how we and our neighbours share and enjoy present day Palmers Green.

So now its over to you. The intention is to develop the site with sections on the people who live and work here now, pictures and memories contributed by PG residents, and features on current activities, issues, as well as curiosities and hopefully some things which are amusing and fun.

So, to start things off:

  • What have we missed?
  • Did we get something horribly wrong?
  • Do you have more information to add to a topic? Suggestions for a new one?
  • Do you want to write something or submit a guest blog
  • Do you have photos we could use ?
  • Would you be willing to talk to us about your Palmers Green memories?

We would love to hear from you.

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  1. Vincent J.Doherty says:

    This website – A positive exciting idea !

  2. Kerry colletta says:

    well done what a great idea all good for Palmers Green.

  3. Frances says:

    Having grown up in Palmers Green in the 1960s, I was delighted to find your website – it is brilliant.

  4. Helen says:

    I lived in Palmers Green from when I was born in 1963 until I got married in 1987 and have many happy memories :)

  5. adrian day says:

    My daughter is keen to babysit for families on the Lakes Estate again this summer (we live in Old Park Road). email me on for details.

  6. Stephen Leader (vicar) says:

    We have a Flower Festival at St John the Evangelist Church from lunch time on Friday 14th of June until 19:00 on Sunday 16th June. All welcome. Free entry and refreshments available. For more info, check out

  7. Wendy says:

    Born in 1955 we first lived in Osborne Road and then moved to Old Park Road. Last weekend I visited Broomfield Park after about 40 years! Delighted to see a lot unchanged but very sad to see the running track gone and of course the stunning house where I spent many hours looking at the stuffed animals and watching bees! The beautiful greenhouse was often a refuge in hide-and-seek and I well remember the Summer shows also held in the grounds. To me this iconic London Park remains as special as ever.

  8. Jane says:

    I had a Saturday job at Grouts….and it literally had everything in it!!!
    Oh for shops like that nowadays …..loved living in Palmers Green in 60′s!!
    Going to St Pauls in Winchmore Hill for live groups and dancing in an old hall !!!

  9. Jennifer says:

    I for one miss Grouts so much…. now I have to go looking for things that I could get in Grouts…

  10. Arvind Joshi says:

    Thank you very much for interesting comments/ information. I lived in Palmerston crescent from 1970. I used to be in A.T.C. – Winchmore Hill squadron (1965 – 1968).Every month, one Sunday we had to march fromPalmers Green triangle (Aldermans Hill) to Cannon hill (traffic lights).Can anyone give me some info. Re. a cinema( name of cinema) which used to be where current Mc Donald is situated.Entrance was where Mc Donald’s is,at present. I saw ‘West Side Story’ in 1966/1967.
    Thank you.

  11. Jane says:

    moved from Palmers Green eons ago but there was THE QUEENS on the corner of Lodge Drive and the Gaumont further up to where Tesco …was or is ???
    Also I too lived in Palmerston Crescent till 1966
    A fellow Palmerston Crescenter !!

    Hope this answers your question ……….

    • Arvind Joshi says:

      Thank you very much. Yes, the cinema was on Lodge Drive. “Those were the DAYS”. We lived at No: 94 Palmerston Cres. The family still own the property. Gaumont was before my time —- was before we moved to Palmers Green. I now live ‘DOWNUNDER’.

  12. Wendy says:

    lucky you, my Saturday job was in the Dry Cleaners! Wonderful shop. I went to those disco/dances too – oh happy days!

  13. Carol Robinson says:

    I moved with my family to Palmers Green in 1969. I worked at Barclays Bank in Aldermans Hill from 1974 to 1990 and in that time I saw a lot of changes. I remember Grouts as being such an iconic shop and Bourlets which was a fabulous jewellers. I remember Pierres Patiserie where I regular had lunch, and Evans & Davies and hated it when they turned it into an indoor market. That part of Palmers Green went a bit downhill for a while and now it’s just a high street with pound shops, estate agents, nail bars and multicultural shops which is a shame as it’s taken away the history of the place in a way. The fire which destroyed Broomfield House was devastating and years later, it is still in the same state. Then when they cut down the big Chestnut Tree on the Triangle, it just destroyed part of me too. I hate to say it, but Palmers Green in the 1970s/80s were by far the best it ever was.

  14. Wendy says:

    remember all those stuffed animals in Broomfield House? … and the bees?
    The beautiful greenhouse is still there but sadly no longer open all day [sign of the times :-(]
    We used to hide under the plants :-)
    Also what about the budgies? Many hours spent there!

  15. Heather Lawrence says:

    I have lived in Palmers Green for 48 years!
    Does anyone have information about the large grey mansion that used to be in Hedge Lane. It used to be covered in beautiful mauve wisteria and reminded me of Great Expectations and Miss Havesham’s house!?

  16. David March says:

    Come and help plant a native hedgerow in Broomfield park this Saturday and sunday morning 10-12.00 Meet at the gates to the Community Orchard (nest to the Bowling green)

  17. Wendy says:

    Tesco didn’t exist back then :-) – No this was on the corner of one of the roads between Fox Lane and Osborne Road.

  18. John Saunders says:

    We moved into The Larches in 1955 and recall the large house in Hedge Lane, now Mintern Close, referred to by Heather Lawrence. Next to it I believe was a small factory owned by the occupants of the house. I’ve long forgotten what the factory produced. though I think enamelling was involved in some form. Other recollections are the open air swimming pool in Barrowell Green, Evans & Davies department store near the Triangle. The old style counters in Sainsbury or was it Home & Colonial shop in Green Lanes between The Fox and the Triangle.. Burtons and the billiard hall above. Just to name a few.

    • Wendy says:

      oh happy days! Barrowell Green swimming pool – fond memories. Remember the 2 pet shops on Aldermans Hill? One opposite the train station and another further up opposite the park? We bought 2 dogs from these shops and owned them for many years. I grew up there from 1955 – to late 70′s and it was a lovely, lovely area.

      • Hoopers was the pet shop. There was a butchers, Chamberlains, greengrocers, Westlakes, the family now have a hardware shop in Green Lanes, all on that parade opposite Broomfield Park. And a popular English restaurant on the parade opposite the gates.

    • Adrian Perkins says:

      Thank god some one remembers the grand house in Hedge Lane, I lived in Crawford Gardens and my house backed onto it. I lived next door to Terry Medwin who played for Spurs and Wales. I remember going over to Tatems Park and seeing some of the old statues that were at the front of that house dumped near the paddling pool, the part that was over grown. Palmers green in the 70′s was brilliant,Jane’s and Adams, Grouts, Evans and Davies, first time in a lift was their. Opus records where I bought Dark side of the moon, the rec where I played football till it got dark. Happy days. If anyone has a picture of that old house I would be very happy as I have searched for ages.

      • Heather Lawrence says:

        Adrian- that mansion has always haunted me for some reason. It could be because of my love of Dickens’ novels. Do you know who used to live there?

  19. Heather Lawrence says:

    John I remember the Sainsbury shop which had a butcher’s counter and that there was sawdust on the floor – to catch any blood dripping from the meat!

  20. Jane says:

    Freemans the bakers,Dolcis & Lilley & skinners!! oh to have a choice of shoe shops…….instead of none now!!!! What was the name of the ladies clothes shop next to Grouts where you could pay weekly for the latest clothes? Yes happy days indeed

  21. Pam says:

    I have just spent a lovely half hour reminising reading all the comments. I
    spent my teenage years growing up in Palmerston Crescent from about 1951 to
    1957. My friend and I use to go to the Queens cinema and the Palmadium as it
    was then called every week. I persuaded my husband to buy a house in Palmers
    Green when we got married and we have lived here well over 40 years off Hedge
    Lane. The factory was called Brutons making enamelled metal signs and there
    was also a sports club on site for staff. The sports club was sold to the
    Council it has a Bowling Green, tennis courts and football,called The Broomfield
    Club, we have been members of the bowling section for many years.Hope I was able
    to help with one or two memories.

  22. Heather Lawrence says:

    Pam – that is great info re the factory. Do you know who owned the grey mansion house?

    • Adrian Perkins says:

      I’ve just found out a bit more information about the “grey mansion”

      JAMES BRUTON, Deceased.
      the estate of James Bruton, late of ” The
      Limes,” Hedge-lane, Palmers Green, Middlesex,
      Enameller and Enamel Manufacturer (who died on
      (the 8th December, 1922,

      Page 1
      THE LONDON GAZETTE, 30 JULY, 1946 stated :- NOTICE is hereby given that the Partnership between James William Bruton
      and Robert Thomas Bruton carrying on business as
      Enamellers and Enamel Manufacturers at 87-89,
      Hedge Lane, Palmers Green, London, N.I3, under
      the style or firm of JAMES BRUTON & SONS
      has been dissolved as from the 3ist day of March
      1946, the said business having been sold and the
      said James William Bruton and Robert Thomas
      Bruton having retired from business.—.Dated ninth
      day of July, 1946

      Public Notices
      The Limes, Hedge Lane, Palmers Green, Lon-
      don, N.I3,Freehold purchased by Fairview Estates (Barnet) Limited

      I was 9 or 10 when the mansion was demolished and would love to see some photographic evidence of it.

  23. Heather Lawrence says:

    Adrian I could kick myself that I never bothered to take a photo of the mansion. Let us hope someone else, maybe associated with the Bruton family will be able to help.

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