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Alderman’s Hill

Amberley Road

  • In 1911, buried treasure was found in Amberley Road! 218 coins were uncovered during building works, dating from the time of Henry III and Alexander II of Scotland.
  • Amberley Hall once stood on the corner with Fox Lane. It was the home to the sister school to Winchmore Hill Collegiate, educating girls and younger boys. Paul Scott was a pupil in the 1920s

Avondale Road

  • Built on lands which were once part of Eaton Park Farm.
  • The poet Stevie Smith lived at No 1 Avondale Road from 1905 until her death

Ash Grove

Ashridge Gardens

Barrowell Green

  • Barrowell Green Swimming Baths opened in 1913

Belsize Avenue

Berkshire Gardens

Birch Avenue

Blossom Close

Bourne Hill

  • Previously  known as Dog and Duck Lane (and also colloquially as ‘The Bone’)
  • Henrietta Cresswell tells us that the horse bus ‘the wonder’ used to stop at the foot of Hoppers Lane to let off passengers to Southgate, who had to walk another mile.
  • The writer Paul Scott lived at no 63 from 1939.
  • There was an air raid shelter on the corner of Hoppers Road and Bourne Hill during the Second World War

Broomfield Avenue

Broomfield Lane

Burford Gardens

  • Burford Gardens’ proud claim

    Burford Gardens was Lot 2 in the sale of Clappers Green Farm in 1908 – the Lot included the frontages onto Fox Lane and Dog and Duck Lane (Bourne Hill).

  • The land was purchased by a Mr Byford, who informed The Recorder, as reported in its May 1908 issue that ‘it is his intention to cut it up, after the road is made, into suitable plots, and to build what he considers to be the most needed property, both for tenants and purchasers ie villas to let at bout £30 a  year. As he truly points out, there are no restrictions, so that purchasers can please their own inclinations.”
  • Burford Gardens has its own website. Stop press, make that two websites  http://burfordgardensn13.co.uk/

Callard Ave

Caversham Avenue

  • Caversham Avenue and the frontages onto Fox Lane and Dog and Duck Lane (Bourne Hill) were Lot 1 in the sale of Clappers Green Farm in 1908. It was sold to Alderman and Sheriff David Burnett for £7050. There had been stiff competition – this portion of the farm was particularly attractive because of the reduced fencing costs – the railway had fenced their land, and only fencing on the east side was to be the responsibility  of the purchaser of Lot 2

Chequers Way

The Chimes

Connaught Gardens

Cranford Road

Cranley Gardens

  • According to The Recorder of May 1908, Cranley Gardens,  Lot 3 in the sale of the Clapper Green Farm estate, was sold to a Mr Edmonson of Winchmore Hill  privately after auction of the other lots.
  • A map appearing in an advertisement in the May 1910 issue indicates that Cranley Gardens was originally to have been called Pemberton Road.

Crestbrook Avenue

  • John Clements, founder of the Intimate Theatre, lived here

Crothall Close

  • Named after H G Crothall, the Middlesex County Council architect who designed Southgate County School.

Dawlish Ave

Derwent Road

  • In 1912 pilot Jack de Manio crashed his Bleriot plane on the roof of 75 Derwent Road

Dorchester Avenue

Devonshire Road

  • The nine acres between Aldermans Hill, Green Lanes and Fox Lane was Lot 2 of the land sold by John Donnithorne Taylor in 1902. The opportunities for development of shops on Green Lanes meant that the Lot achieved a high price for a relatively small area – it sold for £10,500.

Eaton Park Road

Elmdale Road

Ensign Drive

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