Flora Robson

Actress (1902-1984)

Robson was born in 1902 in South Shields, her engineering father bringing the family to Palmers Green when she was 5 years old. The family moved to Southgate (65 The Mall) three years later, where they stayed until the 1920s, Flora attending Palmers Green High School . Flora first performed on the stage at 5 years old, but spent a number of years as a factory welfare officer in the East End in her 20s because of uncertain income from acting. Her screen debut was in 1931; she went on to star in many films including   in Fire Over England, The Sea Hawk and Black Narcissus.

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  1. Richard Purver says:

    Flora was welfare officer at the Shredded Wheat factory at Welwyn Garden City not the East End.
    Southgate District Civic Trust and Palmers Green High School placed a blue plaque on her family home, The Lawe, 65 The Mall on 25 April 2010.

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