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Bourlet’s the jewellers is long gone, but its distinctive clock remains

Have you ever wondered what Palmers Green was like before the coming of the builders? Are you curious about the people who live here now, their memories and how Palmers Green has changed? Do you have a sneaking pride in where you live?

This website aims to celebrate Palmers Green and satisfy our natural curiosity  – about its streets and how they came about, and about those who live and work there now, and long before us. The focus is on the sense of place which makes it special, and how we and our neighbours share and enjoy present day Palmers Green.

So now its over to you. The intention is to develop the site with sections on the people who live and work here now, pictures and memories contributed by PG residents, and features on current activities, issues, as well as curiosities and hopefully some things which are amusing and fun.

So, to start things off:

  • What have we missed?
  • Did we get something horribly wrong?
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  • Do you want to write something or submit a guest blog
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  • Would you be willing to talk to us about your Palmers Green memories?

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I lived in Tottenham rd about 1940 opposite the tin chapel went to primary and junior. Schools remember mr Bennet and his son also Mrs green and Mr Roswell left to go to Arno’s left Arno’s to do children’s nursing remember the shock of comming home and reading Mr Roswell had past away, only then realising why they didn’t have much patience with us because they were elderly.all the younger teachers were in the forces.lremember the school being set on fire by incedery bombs my father was an airraid warden carried me out side wrapped in a blanket to see the fire. He also carried me out one night to see the sky all red and told me it was London docks burning l never see a red sun set without thinking of IT. Yes the dance hall bombing was dreadful

1955 I went to Winchmore Collegiate private boys school end of Queens Avenue where the buses used to turn round.Lunchtimes I used to bunk off and take the steam train from Winchmore Hill Stn to Palmers Green have my lunch at J Lyons and get back just in time for the afternoon sessions.
J Lyons had ready made complete meals in little windows you helped yourself to with a cup of tea nectare for a hungry boy..lovely warm summer days, the smell of the steam trains, nobody ever on the platform , life was slow and comfortable not a care in the world for this small boy.
Every month I saved up to buy the new model Dinky Toy at the toy shop in Southgate next to the Odeon Cinema my only stress to get enough pocket money together to buy the toy for my collection which if I had kept it today would probably be worth a fortune.
We spent the Summer holidays playing in Grovelands and Broomfield Parks giving the park keepers hell saving up to take a boat out on the lake, no health and safety then , no lifejackets, save as houses on the streets , no violence , no drugs, no pediofiles…what happened is this progress.
Adrian Webb

What an interesting article. I was born in Princes Avenue in 1931 and went to the school in Tottenhall Road. The head was a Mr. Bennett and I remember Mr Rodwell (who called him a bastard, I got on well enough with him). I went on to Minchenden until 1948 and was very interested in athletics. I even won the Victor Ludorum cup as the best athlete in 1948. After school I joined the Southgate Harriers and liked to run on the track in Broomfield Park in the summer and take the train from Palmers Green to Bayford in the winter to go cross country running. My dad was an air raid warden during the war and I remember his voice calling out “put out that light” when on night patrols. He was on duty the night a German bomber that had been badly damaged by ack-ack fire abandoned his bomb load on the dance hall above the shops in Green Lanes between Princes Avenue and Tottenhall Road. There were something over 50 people killed as the dance had just ended and many had left the dance hall to get buses in Green Lanes. The next morning ,dad came home with his ARP uniform soaked in blood where he had been searching the wrecage for injured or dead people.. I have been told that the German pilot had parrachuted from his bomber and when picked up and told how many had been killed from his bombs it is said he burst into tears. How true that is I do not know. I left Palmers Green in 1954 to Join the Royal Navy and become a Fleet Air Arm pilot. Others that I knew at school were a Ron Pontin, Hyman Fox, Les Segeal and many others. I now live in Luxembourg (retired)

Hello John so sorry it has taken me a few weeks to reply. I am blaming christmas!!! Hope you have had a really good one and there are great things in store for you in 2016. I would love to repost your comment if you wouldnt mind – it would mean that it would come up as a post under your name rather than under the comments so that more people would see it. It is such an interesting memory of the most devastating event in our history and I was fascinated to read it – I know lost of other people will be

with thanks and best wishes

Remember all of that…and the X-ray machine in the children’s shoe dept! It doesn’t seem to have done my feet any harm! That slide was tall. Went back their recently. Still a lovely park. We live on the South Kent coast but used to live in Old Park Road. I remember the apartments opposite our house (number7) – used to squeeze through a gap at the back onto the railway land…fascinated by a grave there for the old station cat. Happy days!

I went to school at St Angela’s Oakthorpe Rd, between 1960 and 1972. I remember lovely Evans and Davies, the ABC bakery and the cinema. I also remember the shoe shop where we bought our Clarks school shoes in the children’s department on the first floor. I don’t think I’m imagining it, but I’m sure there use to be a small fish pond and a parrot on the first floor. I also used to enjoy the boating lake in Broomfield Park, watching boys and grown men sail their model boats, and sliding down the really big (or so it seemed) slide. We used to have our BCG injections on the first floor of Broomfield house, and I remember the grand staircase very clearly. The stuffed animals were rather disconcerting, but the bees where fascinating.

Hi Jackie, I too went to St Angela’s school between 1961 and 1968. I remember your name and seem to remember we were quite friendly. Evans and Davies was an amazing shop and so old fashioned. You are quite right there was a parrot in Clark’s shoe shop, I don’t recall the pond though.
I have very mixed and some very vivid memories of the school. Mother Mary Bernard, Mrs Lamb and the English teacher with the hair! The horrid lunches and the fish smell on a Friday. The cold outside toilets – awful.

I also went to St Angela’s in 1960-61 and remember it fondly. I only left as we went abroad for my fathers work. There were outside toilets but also inside on the ground floor and on the first. The lunches were fine and 10 shillings per week. I also remember Mother Mary Bernard, Mrs. Lamb and Mrs. Harvey who used to make us fudge, hated leaving to go abroad. We used to go to Evans and Davies for school uniform, and were once taken to the cinema to see “Swiss Family Robinson” happy days.

I also went to St Angela’s school at the same time as you.
Yes I have the same memories as well.

Hi, Angela, my maiden name was Lamb, and I lived in Tottenhall Rad, my mother was a nurse, could she have been at the school you mentioned? her name was Doris Lamb.

there is a plaque by entrance to amys shop .I spent a number of years selling evening papers outside Evans&Davies during the early 1950s

Well I remember you then Tony. My dad used to stop his van and buy a paper there, on his way home from work in Kentish Town. Driver’s did stop there and you would come out and sell while the lights were red. Did you know the news vendor at The Fox?

yes I do remember it was the same man the local illegal bookie and we decamped to the when trade eased off at the triangle.He had a brotherwho ran paper stand at southgate tube stn .Nice to be rembered

I worked at burtons in palmers green most of the 70s very happy memories of that time. Peter smith

I have no knowledge of Palmers Green prior to builders as I lived there from 1936 until 1948 when I and my family emigrated to the US. I remember PG fondly and have visited in 1961, 1977, 1979, 1984, 1993, and once or twice since then. I doubt if anyone is still alive who would remember the time before the builders came. On all of our trips, my wife and I would always walk up Tottenhall Road to Checkers Way, cross the Motor Way (which I knew as the North Circular Road) walk past the playing fields and enter downtown PG just about where a bank was (not sure which one), close to where the Palmadium used to be. It was always a pleasant nostalgic journey, but each trip it was always changed, not by much but it did change. Hopefully I will get to mnake that trip at least one more time.

Thank you for mentioning Burton’s. I had my first made to ‘treasure’ suit from there in the late 1950’s – it cost twenty pounds. Over the years I had many other suits, blazers etc including my wedding gear in 1975. Am I right – was it the same manager there for 25 years or is my memory playing tricks?

A lasting memory of the shop is the brass rods inserted in the wooden floor where I stood when being measured up.


The manager at Burtons for a long time was a mr Colin Sutton he used to live in Chinford ,and most of the time did cycle to work

Please inform me where Burton was situated in Palmers Green . I lived in Palmers Green from Nov. 1970. . But I used to travel through Palmers Green from July 1965.

No bomb site at Park Avenue – New River Cres’ Also don’t rely on Bombsite.org. They’ve missed loads & many are shown in the wrong place, they’ve laid it out on a modern map so some roads don’t even relate & they refuse to allow outside information as an input. ( I have suggested this) Pretty soon all who can actually remember bomb sites will be dead & gone. It’s run by a load of pretentious academics who can’t think out of the Wikipedia box.

Yes I recall Mr Spolding at Hazelwood School. He used to entertain us endlessly with the games he created – hide at seek etc – we never knew when he was coming.

I was a Hazelwood school and remember Mr Spolding who was always showing us the giant models of Blue Whales that he had created in the classroom – we were all very impressed by his erections. Sarah

Lived in PG from1936 to 1948. Never heard of Broomhill Park. Did you mean Broomfield Park. I was there quite often and now and then did attend the band concerts at the bandstand. The conductor may have been Bandstand Bob, but I don’t remember that

Lone Star used to be DCMT – Die Casting Machine Tools Limited.
When I started my apprenticeship at Standard Telephones and Cables in Oakleigh Road (now a housing estate) at 16 in 1943, I bought a die-cast micrometer for 2 shillings. I’m 88 now and it is still in use and accurate to half a thou! Who needs Moore and Wright or Mitutoyo?

I still have Micrometer / couple of drill stands , and other items form DCMT , I worked they start from school , my dad was a production manager there from 1963 until to closed.

Does anyone know if the bottom end of Park Avenue – New River Cres (where the garages are) was a WW2 bomb site?

I remember Truro House. Does anyone know what is happening to it? I heard that it is being renovated. I hope that they don’t change it too much. It reminds me of something out of Dickins. Could it become a family home again I wonder?

Don’t remember his first name, but he did have a son in my class whose name was David. I did leave St. Michael’s in1945 or 46 to go to Minchenden.

I lived in Palmers Green from 1938 until 1948. When I went to St.Michael’s Mr. Bennet was the head and the teachers I remember were Mr. Rodwell (bastard), Mrs. Ford, Miss Haddock, Mrs. Finnegan. Mr. Rolls was in the RAF during the war, and after he was de-mobbed he married Miss Haddock. I think they were an item before the war. We all thought it was funny…Rolls and Haddock. I just remembered, There was a Mrs. Milne (handy with the stick) and a Mrs. Bassford (not sure if that was her last name, could have been Bass).

Oh yes, Mr Rodwell…and I put the coal on the fire for him in that bottom classroom.

Mr Bennett was my father’s teacher at Downhills school, Tottenham in 1922.. When Clifford J Bennett retired he became an independent local councillor for a time. I have quite a few notes about him.and a photograph.

I think Mrs Bassford might have been a Mrs Beresford and her son Anthony may have been a pupil…but perhaps I am wrong.

My friend at school lived in Bush Hill Park and we used to argue which was the best area to live in. She used to claim that Palmers Green was a fuddy duddy old place and to prove her point she would say ‘what about Grouts”?

Jenny there were a few others – The Dog & Duck, The Cock Tavern , The Cambridge and The Bird In Hand.

yes but most of those were in Southgate and hardly walking distance.The Cock was a horrible place – frequented by drug users. Then it became the Manhattan……….so tacky. The Legends – who do they think that they are fooling! Now it’s a supermarket – probably the best use for it.

I think there was a time in the 1950s when The Cock was quite respectable. My late Dad, who, during the day was Chief Clerk in the Finchley Council Education offices, played the piano some evenings at The Cock. He was very impressed that they had a Clavioline, a very early synthesiser, that sat to one side of the piano keyboard, with a knee operated volume control. This was very cutting edge for those days.

I do not recall a Mr Newark at the pub,.but I remember Ernie Pavey with his clavioline.

I may have got his surname slightly wrong. He was a good advert for ‘Brylcreem’. His ‘clav’ was rivalled by ‘Univox’..

When Ernie packed it in at ‘the Cock Tavern’ he became bar steward of the sports club to the west of the railway line in Broomfield Lane..

I then enjoyed some afternoon drinking sessions with Ernie – I will not say any more.


Jenny am I missing a comment here? All the pubs mentioned by Heather and mine, The Woodman, were/are in Palmers Green. Most pubs go through “awkward’ times even The Fox. But the point was The Fox wasn’t the only pub in Palmers Green.

Happy Days,

I lived in Tottenhall Road until 1948 when I and my family emigrated to the US. How well I remember the Queens and Palmadium cinemas and the Triangle at Aldermans Hill, Evans and Davis, etc. I spent 2 years at Minchenden before leaving the country and my fondest memories there were the athletic program run by Major Hedley (not sure if spelling is correct) and Mr. Bromley (Dean of Boys) telling me that I would be better educated if I spent more time in the classroom rather than in the hall where he noticed me after I had been ejected from the classroom. My wife and I have made numerous trips back to the UK over the years and have always at least once, made the trek from Tottenhall Road to Checkers Way, across the North Circular and thence into the Palmers Green shopping area. Couldn’t help noticing with sorrow how changes had occurred made every time we returned. We did buy a clock at the jeweler’s shop. That would be the one with the large clock on the sidewalk. Also remember being with my chums, John Hornsby, Peter Warwick et al looking for shrapnel after each air raid. I recall the first air raid that took place when we were in class at St. Michael’s and what a relief it was to go into the air raid shelters and mess around with our gas masks making flatulent sounds. What a disappointment it was when the next time we had to go to the shelters, there was a blackboard on an easel and it was school business as usual. Remember when the mayor of Southgate visited and I had the temerity to get his (and the mace bearer’s) autograph on a piece of toilet paper. I was then called out of Mrs. Ford’s class to go to the headmaster’s (Mr. Bennett) office and was sternly rebuked for having bothered the mayor and had the autograph repossessed, not to be destroyed, but to go into the school record book as it was an important autograph. A couple of weeks later my dad went to a council meeting and got another copy for me.

I was very sad to leave that environment, but happily did make a quick adjustment to California, and have lived there ever since, albeit as I mentioned earlier, making many nostalgic trips back to the UK.

The public toilets are an essential service that the local authority no longer provides.

Also consigned to the history books are the loos at Fords Grove and those on the North Circular Road near what is often called Clockhouse Parade.

The council say use those at the hamburger joint at 286 Green Lanes.

Very sad. The answer to your question Mr Rann is that things are worse than in the 1940s


Tried to ignore the problem but something so close to my Hart cannot be ignored…40cm……16 inches in the old munny….IBS has shaped my life (Ma always ensured I had fried breakfast and cheese sanwiches last thing at night) annyway in the 50’s the immaculate tiled penny-in-the-slot toilets at Cambridge Roundabout and Turnpike Lane never failed and got me through my apprenticeship..Turnpike Lane to Holborn (Tube) uneasy, while most travellers enjoyed their Daily Express/Worker etc…comin home easier no fried food durin workin hours, Large Evenin News to hide anxiety behind as we stopped at that disused station north of Kings X……Annyway I remembers Fords Grove Toilets becos I saw in the car park beside, a Riley Kestrel Sports Car with the biggest brakes you ever saw……Annyway I bought this farmhouse becos it was walkin distance to 2 public toilets (Garage on the A39 ATLANTIC HIGHWAY (Planners eh?)) now shut….and Stratton Village conveniences shut…council planners (give up, eh?) This on highways vital to motor tourism down ‘ere. Bude, town now furthest from railway connection in England since Dr. Beecham plannins. Annyway I’m on the cesspits (not at this minnit) and lookin at compostin wc’s….what about this recurrin council worry re ‘eritage allotments, will there be a market when I gets goin one asks, or will they be gone as well. Annyway for ‘olliday relief I go to Spain where most shops and cafes offer the natural conveniences….not to mention the ferries and o’corse great relaxin rail travel.

Rememberin the underground toilets at The Triangle (gents, immaculate) at the hub of Palmers Green activities very convenient ‘cos Lyons, Woolworths, ABC, Triangle Cafe, BeZazz Coffee Bar, no help….mebbee Pritchards Restaurant or Evans an Davies closin at 5.30, o’corse. Annyway no pubs, so those in dire need….round the back o’the Palmadium or Queens, Cinema… lift the fire door latches with our pen knives to access the immaculate toilets (pink as I remembers)…shangri la……the A films were a bit alarming (The Outlaw starrin Jane Russell etc) for us boys, but the B films (Regis Toomy always so satisfying)….but watchin and singin with the the organist at the Capitol (Winchmore Hill) …I rest my case…..can life get better?

Its down memory lane for me. I lived at 78 Hedge Lane from 1960 until 1978. I very much remember the big grey house opposite the rec. I remember going through the rubble of it and
retrieving a gas mask . The factory next door to it was indeed a stove enamellers.
As an aside my first job was at the Triangle Pet stores , my school mate Stephen Cooper got me the job as his Father Jock owned the shop..
I miss and remember Evans & Davies ,Broomfiejd house the two cinemas ,Briggs, the doctor Who style Police box on the Triangle next to the underground toilets.
I could go on.
Very happy memories
Stephen Escott
( Hazelwood lane & Minchenden school )

Was this big grey building called The Limes with the factory in the grounds if so my ancestors lived and owned and worked at these premises?
Neil Gulliford

I lived at 169 Hedge Lane from 1961 to 1983
I went to Hazelwood too
My brother Eric Sims and I ..
Your name is familiar to me ..

Hi Julie I went to Arnos but a lot of my mates went to Winchmore 1963-7, Mick Smith, Mick Stanton, Denis Day, Fred ?,

I lived in Sidney avenue and went to Totenhall school Nice memories from Broomfield Park! Left for Sweden 1969 Anybody else here who went to tottenhall scholl round this time? Think the headmasters name was mr Forkins a bit mean gave a good hiding at his office some occasions, b
ut overall lovely memories Made mr Love My England and love to come back for holliday!

My granddad used to be a Rag & Bone Man with a horse and cart in the Palmers Green area. His name was Silas Salter, he was born c1880 in Uxbridge and subsequently moved to Edmonton (married 1901 in Edmonton). He had a wooden leg, which he told me he got in the 1st World War but have since found out his horse bolted and the cart ran over his leg and it had to be amputated. He did however volunteer to join the Royal Fusiliers in 1914 in Tottenham. At one time he worked as a Night Watchman and set fire to his wooden leg when he rested it on top of the brazier. Good ol’ granddad; anyone know anything about him?

Regards, Allen

Hi Allen

big apologies, I was going through the site this morning and found this one from last year that I hadnt spotted and approved – and what a brilliant comment this was, I am kicking myself and can only apologise. Do you have a picture of Silas? He sounds like a really colourful grandad! I would love to post up a little article about him (your comment basicallly) to see if we can jog some memories

all very best – hope you are having a good christmas


My mother went to school at a small (and from the sound of it rather Dickensian) private school, which was situated at or near the junction of Caversham Avenue and Fox Lane. This would have been late 1920s/early 1930s. Does anyone know anything of such an establishment. I believe it was run by two unmarried sisters (but I may be mistaken about that). I have some photographs of her in some kind of drama event (I won’t call it a play…). She was given a test for entry at another, more high-status, Palmer’s Green private school, but apparently they took one look at her and her father and decided she was too working class. They put her at the back of the test class and told her not to say anything…

I wonder if this was Miss Hum’s school, the one that Flora Robson went to, but that was over the other side of Green Lanes, where the dogs trust place is now. There was also a small school further up Fox Lane. Love to see the photo Martin, and perhaps we can collectively get to the bottom of this for you too, you never know!

Martin, that private school was called Winterton (corner of Caversham/
Fox Lane) and was owned and run by Miss Jennings.

I was a pupil there at the time of King George V1’s death when Miss J.
announced “the King is dead, long live the King” and I remember
thinking ‘what is she talking about?’, sitting under an overhead cupboard,
at a shared desk, in a class of different age groups.


What an interesting response from Richard Starling about dry cleaners. It has caused me a couple of hours loss of sleep racking my brains and an equal amount of time scrambling about in my loft..

The Century Dry Cleaning Co was at 376 Green Lanes

Mayfair Dry Cleaners had the postal address of 356 Green Lanes

I tend to think that a firm of dry cleaners might have occupied the premises taken over by Grouts – I need to look at my records and papers of 1904 to check that one out.

At those times: and until the 1920s the numbering of Green Lanes was much different.

‘Yeats & Co Dry Cleaners’ from 1908 [approximately] occupied 23 The Market.

Nearby was the famous jewellers J.T. Bourlet at number 18 or possibly 15 – I cannot decipher my scribble

The numbers ran consecutively. Bourlet was renumbered 349 Green Lanes

[Contrary to some writings I think that Bourlet’s and T. W.. Parker were older than Grouts].

Crossing Bowes Road [North Circular Road] at 53 Green Lanes I saw Beau Brummel dyers and cleaners.

I can line-up a few more: 36 Green Lanes had Collins Valet services and Dry Cleaners:

57 Green Lanes ‘Stay Press Number One Dry Cleaners’:

26 Green Lanes ‘Beautex Dyers and Cleaners’.

There were some more – not counting the laundry receiving offices – no prizes if you come up with the correct answers – keep happy everybody.

Late correction : Bourlet was at number 18 where the famous clock faces can still been viewed.



Over different periods there were several dry cleaners in Palmers Green. On the corner of Windsor Road there was one, formerly a Cullens. Was this Achille Serre, Reg? Next to
A V Burke Greengrocer and next but two from Park Avenue, was Century Dry Cleaners, between the Post Office and Hazlewood Lane was Mayfair Dry Cleaners, next to Sun Harvest Bakers, which was next to Courts Furnishers was Smart ‘N’ Up Dry Cleaners, next to Bejam was Greensleeves Dry Cleaners, French Dyers and Cleaners was near Grouts and Eastman Dyers and Cleaners was next to the Turner & Lisney Depot, Aldermans Hill.

I was at Hazelwood school in the 1960s and vividly recall the road safety demos when real cars and motor bikes would be brought into the playground and driven a high speed knocking over various participants – the idea was to scare us into being safety conscious.

I went to Tottenhall school I still have a letter the headteacher sent me when I had a very serious car accident in the 1950’s.

Hi Suzanne, re your Lone Star research, I remember visiting the P.Green factory with my Dad & brother in 1956.The factory was located behind the ‘Bridge Garage’ in Green Lanes near the ‘Cock Tavern. My Dad was a photographer who ran Kelvin Photos at 87 Green Lanes and often photographed at the Lone Star factory. I have a photograph which I will send you that shows my brother, Pete & cousin Michael resplendent in their 1956 Christmas gift of gun belt, holster,chaps blazing their guns at the camera.

Hi David, I remember Kelvin Photos a well respected photographers, I wonder if you have any to share on my local history and interest Facebook page, Winchmore Hill And Palmers Green Memories. And if you have any of the two schools in Tottenhall Road, Barrowell Green Pool and the Dust Destructors or any of now demolished house. sMe and my members would be greatly pleased if you could.

In 1958-59 while in my last year at Minchenden School, I had a Saturday job in the curtain department of Evans and Davies. By the time I was there the overhead “cash railway” system, which always fascinated me as a child, had been removed, so I never had a chance to use it. However, a similar system (also made by Lamson Paragon) was in use in Grouts further along Green Lanes. I believe when Grouts closed that system was dismantled and taken to the East Anglia Transport Museum at Lowestoft, although when I last enquired they had not had an opportunity to get it re-erected. Earlier posts had mentioned the Queens Cinema in Green Lanes, and I seem to remember as a small child there being another cinema near the same location called the Palmadium. Initially, we lived in Mitchell Road, off the North Circular Road, by the Metal Box factory but later moved to Laburnham Gardens, Winchmore Hill. I was also a member of 85 Squadron ATC at their original headquarters at “Ashridge” opposite Oakwood underground station and later at their next squadron headquarters in Winchmore Hill Road where the swimming baths now are. This was, of course, all before their move to the Farm Road site. I spent many hours gazing in the windows of the two Camera Craft shops in Green Lanes and I am sure it was those shops that started my interest in photography, which I carry on to this day!

Just read your message,I lived in Wolves Lane and I attended St Michael’s sch in the 1950’s and then went on to St.Angela’s in Palmers Green. I remember going with my mum to Evens & Davis,Grouts and Lyon’s Corner House for ice cream and chocolate sauce.
Kind regards,

All my 3 Sisters and and my brothers went to St Angela’s in the 1950 I went to St Monica’s from 57..we lived in Windsor Road and attended St Monica’s church .

You wouldn’t by any chance be the elder brother of Maria Lucas would you? I lived in Hedge Lane and for a time we were best friends. I’d love to know how she’s doing now! If you are the Nic Lucas I think you are you used to play with my brother Martin, despite him being a lot younger than you!

Fine, I need to know the format as it consists of nearly one thousand words plus photographs. You will have noted that it was orginally published just before Christmas 2007 – it deals with not only with the history of the company but also Father Christmas collecting his gifts produced there for the little boys and girls.

Hello Reg, I edit a magazine called Palmers Green LIFE you can view this online at http://www.anthonywebb.co.uk would you be interested in re-publishing any of your articles as we cover historical stories every month? The magazine is distributed for free to 11,000 local homes in N13 & N14 but this is due to increase to 20,000 homes in Palmers Green and Southgate? please get in touch Ellie

Upsdell Avenue – I tried to trace the orgins years ago without any luck. Of course it is a surname.

I covered some of the topics you listed in my articles published in the ‘Enfied Gazette’ –

Broomfield Park in issues dated 30 August , 13th September, 20th September,11th October, 25th October and 8th November 2007.
Buses – 8 Feb 2007
Lone Star – 20th December 2007
Tottenhall Road Schools – 16th November 2006

I have always lived (since 1943) in Tottenhall Road.
What you call the allotments also housed the red tinned St Mary’s Church where pupils from St Michae’ls school had their noon meal and was also the sports hall. A badminton club hired it of an evening. At the Grenoble Gardens end was Lambs Insitute Hall.

Copies of my ‘Gazette’ and other articles are available at Enfield Archives or from me upon request.


Hi Reg

we would love to republish these if you would be up for it. The aim of the website is to have an encyclopaedic history of the area that people can access online. I have been doing some research on Lone Star for an article recently so particularly love to hear more about that – or publish yours instead!

all best, and love to Tottenhall Road!

Thank you Reg I lived in Tottenhall Rd 1944 to 1964,Iwent to St Michael’s and I forgot the name of the “red hut” and I never knew that name of the “black hut”, my late Uncle had a large hut in the ground behind the red hut where he ran his plumbing ans building business and lived over the road at number 49, I remember you from St Michaels . Once again thanks your knowledge is astounding.
Regards John Bye

I lived in Upsdell Ave in Palmers green from 1953 to 1979, and I have always wondered how did “Upsdell Ave” get its name

I too remember going to Broomfield Park and the Museum, watching the bees come and go, the stuffed animals and the art displays. There was a café at the rear of Broomfield House
Also I remember the Elm trees in the top field, and seeing the fires after the trees were felled because of Dutch Elm beetle
There was one thing you never did and that was to ride your bike around the gardens otherwise the “Parky” was after you.

At the Triangle there was the ABC bakery/café, Evens and Davis had a lift to get to the 2nd floor.
The trolley buses that ran up and down Green Lanes, then going on holiday for 2 week come home to find the Trolley busses gone

There was a “Lone Star” business in Green lanes that made toy metal guns and other things, it was near the hump over the river near the petrol station.

There was a shoe shop in PG not far from the zebra crossing that had tropical fish display.

The old house oppite the PG town hall, what was the connection.

I went to St Michael at Bowes School and the Infants, and remember the Allotments where the new school is now.

My husband was born in Palmers Green 74 years ago and I was born in Winchmore Hill at about the same time. We have been living in The Larches for the past 44 years, my husband having lived only a few doors away from our present home since 1945. We have seen many changes in Palmers Green and have very fond memories of the Barrowell Green swimming pool. The pool would open on the 1st May each year and was open until the end of September. We would sit on the stone bench and despite the abundance of pine needles from the trees all along one side and the occasional bits of ash and dust from the waste disposal plant, would spend most of our school holidays around the pool having great fun. Remember the chimney? I can remember it being knocked down as we watched this being done from the bedroom in mum’s house, where she has been living for the past 73 years (now 101 years old).The shop which sold freshly ground coffee and loose tea from large casks was call the UK Tea Company (or Clarke’s). The lovely polished coffee grinding machine was in the window. So many memories.

Dad bought our ‘ouse, “Brookside”, 64 The Larches in 1937/38 (Mortgage courtesy of Shell Oil,) ( Dad’s Bossis). After the War (WW2) my Ma (Elsie) was great friends with Edie ‘an Dick Davis who also bought a ‘ouse in The Larches. They (not Dick) were part-time attendant/life guards at Barrowell Green Pool. Ma could not swim a stroke…Mrs Barry(ie?) would not let me ‘an my friend/neighbour Martin get in ahead of them ‘orrendous queues in the ordinary expectid summer ‘ot days (before global warmin’ o’corse) ‘an no family discount neither. Annyway no regrets ‘cept my watch was stolen from them open changin rooms an’ I fell off them parallel bars on my ‘ead, ‘ence the spellins. I’m safe now farmin’ (sheepish etc) in Cornywall (Stratton near Bude EX239jz) ‘cept for my dangerous Lucy daughter livin’ across my yard/ HMCRC (Income Tax)/Brtish Gas (‘lectric chargis)/Cornywall Council (Plannin’ an’ Taxi)/BT (broadband dopiness) No Rush, Raymond Spencer Rann. Southgate County Old Scholars (failed in most subjects (NOT railway spottins). Rifle Brigade (95th). (Corporal retd). Compositor/Printer (5 years apprenticeship). Advertisin’ Typographer/writer/art director/ photographer. No rush but waitin’ for my bread to bake(Panasonic)i in this crumblin kitchin up ‘ere…from Raymond Spencer Rann. (I need a little lie down (since 1955) no rush.

In reply to REG HART, who says he knew Aubrey & Bill, my dad was Aubrey my father in law was Bill…would love to hear of your connection.
Many Thanks
Dave Todd.

I Lived in Palmers Green from 1952 – 1981. I My first school was St. Michels in Tottenhall Rd but changed to St Angela’s Convent Sch in Oakthorpe Rd. I would visit Evans & Davis quite a lot with my Mum which originally had a tube system for taking payment of items I also got my St Angela’s sch. uniform from that store. I can also remember shopping at Sainsbury’s, Grouts, Lilly& Skinner, a fabulous shop which sold fresh ground coffee, biscuits which were displayed in glass cases and another food shop called Macfisheries. Grouts was like a cave crammed with any and every haberdashery item you could think of. There was a hairdressers called Fior and of course a Lyons Tea shop and a Walworth which had an oak floor.
I am happy to share my memories.

Maxwell Miel: In reply to Helen & Suzanne, regarding info on Palmers Green estate agents Maxwell Miel situated in P.Green. From my memory “A very go ahead modern real estate business’ in mid 70’s to mid 80’s.
Mr Miel’s father was a successful businessman after the war (2nd!) who was fortunate to own & rent out many properties in Palmers Green. The business continued with his son to flourish moving to real estate/house sales from the 50’s to the 80’s.
Mr Miel ran the Palmers Green office at 101-103? Green Lanes P.Green and used the premises next door to run a fortnightly auction selling anything & everything, ( my sister met her future husband there!). Mr Miel lived on the corner of Broad Walk m& Bourne Hill.
Mr Miel was a client of ours & photographed his mother and grandson in our studio Kelvin Photos 87 Green Lanes Palmers Green. Hope this helps.

David, I have a photo of my father in a cycling event taken by your photographic studios. Please may I share. I’d love to know the event thank you

Adrian I could kick myself that I never bothered to take a photo of the mansion. Let us hope someone else, maybe associated with the Bruton family will be able to help.

I’ve just found out a bit more information about the “grey mansion”

the estate of James Bruton, late of ” The
Limes,” Hedge-lane, Palmers Green, Middlesex,
Enameller and Enamel Manufacturer (who died on
(the 8th December, 1922,

Page 1
THE LONDON GAZETTE, 30 JULY, 1946 stated :- NOTICE is hereby given that the Partnership between James William Bruton
and Robert Thomas Bruton carrying on business as
Enamellers and Enamel Manufacturers at 87-89,
Hedge Lane, Palmers Green, London, N.I3, under
the style or firm of JAMES BRUTON & SONS
has been dissolved as from the 3ist day of March
1946, the said business having been sold and the
said James William Bruton and Robert Thomas
Bruton having retired from business.—.Dated ninth
day of July, 1946

Public Notices
The Limes, Hedge Lane, Palmers Green, Lon-
don, N.I3,Freehold purchased by Fairview Estates (Barnet) Limited

I was 9 or 10 when the mansion was demolished and would love to see some photographic evidence of it.

Hi Adrian, James Bruton was my Great Grandfather, his daughter Sheila was my Grandmother. I don’t know much about James but I’ll ask my mother if she can shed any light on him. I know she remembers the house as she used to visit her Grandfather regularly .

Hi Samantha, my daughter has been doing my mothers family tree and today (10th June 2020) we discovered that our ancestors were the Bruton’s that owned this property and business so therefore we are distant cousins!

my folks used to own sheridan house nursing home at 449 green lanes (i think that was the number) just down from the fox and across from the toy store ?
such a long time ago.

I have just spent a lovely half hour reminising reading all the comments. I
spent my teenage years growing up in Palmerston Crescent from about 1951 to
1957. My friend and I use to go to the Queens cinema and the Palmadium as it
was then called every week. I persuaded my husband to buy a house in Palmers
Green when we got married and we have lived here well over 40 years off Hedge
Lane. The factory was called Brutons making enamelled metal signs and there
was also a sports club on site for staff. The sports club was sold to the
Council it has a Bowling Green, tennis courts and football,called The Broomfield
Club, we have been members of the bowling section for many years.Hope I was able
to help with one or two memories.

Freemans the bakers,Dolcis & Lilley & skinners!! oh to have a choice of shoe shops…….instead of none now!!!! What was the name of the ladies clothes shop next to Grouts where you could pay weekly for the latest clothes? Yes happy days indeed

John I remember the Sainsbury shop which had a butcher’s counter and that there was sawdust on the floor – to catch any blood dripping from the meat!

We moved into The Larches in 1955 and recall the large house in Hedge Lane, now Mintern Close, referred to by Heather Lawrence. Next to it I believe was a small factory owned by the occupants of the house. I’ve long forgotten what the factory produced. though I think enamelling was involved in some form. Other recollections are the open air swimming pool in Barrowell Green, Evans & Davies department store near the Triangle. The old style counters in Sainsbury or was it Home & Colonial shop in Green Lanes between The Fox and the Triangle.. Burtons and the billiard hall above. Just to name a few.

oh happy days! Barrowell Green swimming pool – fond memories. Remember the 2 pet shops on Aldermans Hill? One opposite the train station and another further up opposite the park? We bought 2 dogs from these shops and owned them for many years. I grew up there from 1955 – to late 70’s and it was a lovely, lovely area.

Hoopers was the pet shop. There was a butchers, Chamberlains, greengrocers, Westlakes, the family now have a hardware shop in Green Lanes, all on that parade opposite Broomfield Park. And a popular English restaurant on the parade opposite the gates.

Thank god some one remembers the grand house in Hedge Lane, I lived in Crawford Gardens and my house backed onto it. I lived next door to Terry Medwin who played for Spurs and Wales. I remember going over to Tatems Park and seeing some of the old statues that were at the front of that house dumped near the paddling pool, the part that was over grown. Palmers green in the 70’s was brilliant,Jane’s and Adams, Grouts, Evans and Davies, first time in a lift was their. Opus records where I bought Dark side of the moon, the rec where I played football till it got dark. Happy days. If anyone has a picture of that old house I would be very happy as I have searched for ages.

Adrian- that mansion has always haunted me for some reason. It could be because of my love of Dickens’ novels. Do you know who used to live there?

Hello Heather, I don’t remember who lived there I’m afraid, I can only tell you that if I kicked my ball over there I didn’t get it back. we moved from Crawford Gardens to Pembroke Road in 1968, I was 9 years old. I remember seeing the house in a demolished state which was quite sad. Like you I would love to find out more about it and however wonderful the internet is I have yet to find out much about it.

Come and help plant a native hedgerow in Broomfield park this Saturday and sunday morning 10-12.00 Meet at the gates to the Community Orchard (nest to the Bowling green)

I have lived in Palmers Green for 48 years!
Does anyone have information about the large grey mansion that used to be in Hedge Lane. It used to be covered in beautiful mauve wisteria and reminded me of Great Expectations and Miss Havesham’s house!?

remember all those stuffed animals in Broomfield House? … and the bees?
The beautiful greenhouse is still there but sadly no longer open all day [sign of the times :-(]
We used to hide under the plants 🙂
Also what about the budgies? Many hours spent there!

I moved with my family to Palmers Green in 1969. I worked at Barclays Bank in Aldermans Hill from 1974 to 1990 and in that time I saw a lot of changes. I remember Grouts as being such an iconic shop and Bourlets which was a fabulous jewellers. I remember Pierres Patiserie where I regular had lunch, and Evans & Davies and hated it when they turned it into an indoor market. That part of Palmers Green went a bit downhill for a while and now it’s just a high street with pound shops, estate agents, nail bars and multicultural shops which is a shame as it’s taken away the history of the place in a way. The fire which destroyed Broomfield House was devastating and years later, it is still in the same state. Then when they cut down the big Chestnut Tree on the Triangle, it just destroyed part of me too. I hate to say it, but Palmers Green in the 1970s/80s were by far the best it ever was.

moved from Palmers Green eons ago but there was THE QUEENS on the corner of Lodge Drive and the Gaumont further up to where Tesco …was or is ???
Also I too lived in Palmerston Crescent till 1966
A fellow Palmerston Crescenter !!

Hope this answers your question ……….

Thank you very much. Yes, the cinema was on Lodge Drive. “Those were the DAYS”. We lived at No: 94 Palmerston Cres. The family still own the property. Gaumont was before my time —- was before we moved to Palmers Green. I now live ‘DOWNUNDER’.

Thank you very much for interesting comments/ information. I lived in Palmerston crescent from 1970. I used to be in A.T.C. – Winchmore Hill squadron (1965 – 1968).Every month, one Sunday we had to march fromPalmers Green triangle (Aldermans Hill) to Cannon hill (traffic lights).Can anyone give me some info. Re. a cinema( name of cinema) which used to be where current Mc Donald is situated.Entrance was where Mc Donald’s is,at present. I saw ‘West Side Story’ in 1966/1967.
Thank you.

I had a Saturday job at Grouts….and it literally had everything in it!!!
Oh for shops like that nowadays …..loved living in Palmers Green in 60’s!!
Going to St Pauls in Winchmore Hill for live groups and dancing in an old hall !!!

Born in 1955 we first lived in Osborne Road and then moved to Old Park Road. Last weekend I visited Broomfield Park after about 40 years! Delighted to see a lot unchanged but very sad to see the running track gone and of course the stunning house where I spent many hours looking at the stuffed animals and watching bees! The beautiful greenhouse was often a refuge in hide-and-seek and I well remember the Summer shows also held in the grounds. To me this iconic London Park remains as special as ever.

I was born 1952 in Windsor Road visited this year after 40 years away my memories of Broomfield park as yours, remember the Man Trap for poachers and trespassers in the museum ?

I was born in New River Crescent in 1958. Lived there until 1973. Remember the milkman coming round with his horse and cart,

I lived in Palmers Green from when I was born in 1963 until I got married in 1987 and have many happy memories 🙂

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