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The name of this site derives from Paul Scott’s novel Jewel in the Crown, the first novel in The Raj Quartet. Scott lived in Palmers Green as a child and young adult from the 1920s and 30s, when much of what we see today was bright and new and the large scale sale of farm and estate lands and the building of Edwardian Palmers Green was a very recent memory.

Most of us are lucky enough to live in rather beautiful houses because of the rush of speculative building just before the first world war, and just after. Have you ever walked the streets on a winters evening  and admired the stained glass doors backlit by hall lights? The arts and crafts  wood work? The neat tiled pathways? The trees all in a line?

So this website aims to celebrate Palmers Green and satisfy our natural curiosity about its streets and how they came about, and about those who live and work there now, and long before us. It aims to be about the sense of place which makes it special, and how we and our neighbours share and enjoy present day Palmers Green.

Hence jewel. It’s a bit over the top, I know. Palmers Green is certainly tatty round the edges. Idiot boy racers speed around it. Some people let their dogs poo all over it. But we still love it. Or at least I do.


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I agree, thank you for this site. I was born here and with the exception of a few gaps where I have moved out and returned, I have lived here for 40 years. Palmers Green is my home and is at the very centre of my heart. I too love the beautiful houses and the greenery and well kept front gardens.

It was a nice surprise stumbling across this site, to discover the heritage behind this town and explore history I never knew existed i’m glad there are people out there who actually value Palmers Green amid its negativity of modern life, my respect to the site creator for making this website, I hope this website brings joy to a lot more people.

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