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Organisers down play ‘scream’ incident at festival

paper_found_with_scrollOrganisers of the Palmers Green Festival have reluctantly admitted that a handbill unearthed in the Town Hall, telling of the ancient rituals once used to keep evil at bay, was stolen from the Palmers Scream stall at the festival this weekend. The document had previously been on display at Baskerville’s, where staff had reported a number of mysterious visitors.

“The theft goes to show the necessity of as many Palmers Green people as possible supporting the Palmers Scream event on 31 October” said a spokesman who asked to remain anonymous. “Only through assembling together with a sense of joy can we overcome mysterious forces which are clearly still at work.”

“Plus it’s a free event which means that you can have a cracking night out with the kids on Halloween without having to go trick or treating.”

For more information about the October event, the missing manuscript, and tales of mystery about the area, visit