Can you read this Palmers Green address?

Ruth O Reilly has been researching her family history and found a record with this address in Palmers Green. It’s from a form completed in the late 1940’s . She cant make it out, and has tried looking at maps, “but of course the road might have been re-developed and long since gone…” she says.

Do you recognise it? What do you think it says?

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7 Responses to Can you read this Palmers Green address?

  1. Brian Watling says:

    Definitely Munster gardens, I used to know it well, Good Luck, Brian

  2. Basil says:

    I think it says 23 Munstead Gardens but must refer to Munster Gardens

  3. Sylvia Gambin says:

    Yes I agree with Jackie Morten & J Durham. Munster Gardens still exists and is just off Hedge Lane east of the junction with Connaught Gardens. Good luck to Ruth in your research

  4. Sylvia Marcus says:

    Is it Maryland Gardens .. which I know is N22 but the writer may have thought it was N13?

  5. JDurham says:

    I think that this could be 23 Munster Gardens Palmers Green

  6. Jackie Morten says:

    23 Munster Gardens

  7. Could this be Palmerston Road or Palmerston Avenue?

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