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Did you know Dr George MacDonald?

If you have ever tried to find out more about your family’s history, you will know that from time to time the trail seems to go cold.

Ryan Clarke has been on the hunt for more information about his relative Montague Clarke, who died in Wood Green in 1965. Dr MacDonald or his family may have the key to unlock more of Montague’s history:

My relative Montague Clarke seems to have died with no close relatives around in 1965 in Wood Green. He left some things to Dr G G MacDonald in his will, and I wondered if the doctors descendants may still have them, as Id love to see.

Montague seems to have collected unusual items and left them to a variety of places at his death including the National and Tate galleries and the V&A theatre collection.

Equally I’m looking for anyone who may have known or had a photo of Montague. His line, from my great great great grandad’s brother seems to have died out with him.

We know that Mr MacDonald lived at ‘Wentworth’, 23 Broomfield Avenue. He married Elaine Watts and was practicing in 1965.

Can you help? Let us know …

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