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Developer with a sense of humour?

evocative of ancient Greece
Evocative of ancient Greece

In ancient Greece. a Prytaneum or Prytaneion, was the town hall of a Greek city-state, normally housing the chief magistrate and the common altar or hearth of the community. Ambassadors, distinguished foreigners, and citizens who had done signal service were entertained there.

Why mention it now? Well, it’s the name of the new Southgate Town Hall development. The restored and extended building now consists of one and two bedroom apartments, and if you want to have a sneaky nose inside to see what has become of our Town Hall, there is an open day on 26 September).

Dear Palmers Greeners, in case the penny isn’t dropping, they have called it, essentially, Greek Town Hall.

I think I sort of like that…

One reply on “Developer with a sense of humour?”

Its not really funny is it? A lame joke, and this is England not Greece, so why call it Greek Town Hall? In fact I wonder just how much one has to pay to live their anyway, lots I presume just like everything else in Palmers Green now! Thanks to estate agents like this and new developers! There is hardly anywhere in Britain now which is affordable, so what happens to everyone, Palmers Green is near elitism just like everywhere else. People are moved out to dreadful living conditions and houses turned into flats, overcrowding etc. Just continue to rub salt in the wound, do you have any idea how others have to survive, house prices are souring because of smart new developers.

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