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What next for Broomfield House ? – new consultation seeks your views

rp_IMG_2863-300x225.jpgMissed, treasured, ruined, beyond hope, still rescuable…opinions on Broomfield House have long been mixed but wistful. A successful of fires brought it to its present state and since then there have been several attempts to revive its fortunes, lead by the hardworking Broomfield House Trust.

Following work by Enfield Council, the Trust, the Friends of Broomfield Park, Historic England and the Heritage Lottery Fund, a consultation is beginning this month to look at future options for house and stable block based on an initial a report produced by independent architects Donald Insall.

The report identifies options for a part restoration, part new build for those parts that are beyond repair, and potential for the enhancement of the landscape setting, possibly funded by a more commercial approach to the stable block.

Enfield Council will have a stall at this weekend’s Palmers Green festival where you’ll be able to pick up hard copies of the questionnaire and essential background material  plus information on potential next steps. The Broomfield House Trust will also be at the festival to give their views on the best way forward and are urging as many people as possible to participate in the consultation so that local views can be taken into account.

If you cant get along to the festival, there’s further information here



2 replies on “What next for Broomfield House ? – new consultation seeks your views”

I remember the dreadful fire at Broomfield House and how many people felt that something very special had been taken away from them, Growing up in Palmers Green in the 60’s and 70’s Broomfield House was a treat, to look at the animals, the paintings, the honey bee hive and sit outside in the little cafe garden with tea and cake. Simple but that was life then. I cannot understand why it has taken the Council and others so long to get to some decision on its future, what to have there, what to build, who uses it and above all where the money comes from. The best thing I have heard lately is the work that the Friends of Broomfield House have done to raise funds and, quite simply, surely there is noting more to do than get it restored and use it again as it was used before, a museum, a gallery, a little bit of history, a place to visit and a cafe, perhaps with a small area selling herbs and flowers, homemade jams, perhaps a place for the farmers markets and craft areas for those people who still make things and wish somewhere to sell them, but above all keep it simple, and not something elite which ordinary everyday people cannot afford to enjoy. I do not live in Palmers Green anymore (too expensive) but when I visit and wander through the park I still miss Broomfield House very much, many things changed when we all lost it.

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