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Today is Enfield’s birthday!

The London Borough of Enfield is 50 today! No, really…

In 1960 a Royal Commission on London Government proposed radical changes in the organisation of London government. The result was the abolition of the Middlesex County Council and The London County Council, to be replaced by the Greater London Council, which of course was itself later abolished under Margaret Thatcher.

Long established districts were joined up into larger units to form the new London Boroughs, and Edmonton, Enfield and LBESouthgate were amalgamated and took on the name of “Enfield” to form the London Borough of Enfield.

The new London Borough of Enfield set its best foot forward  on the 1st of April 1965, fifty years ago today. And now  here we all are.

Enfield will be celebrating the anniversary with a range of activities, set to include 1960s themed festivals, walking tours, a photo archive and film events, competitions and new factsheets about Enfield.

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Rue the day, eh? Better by far when my great, great granner Sixteen String Jack (last ‘ighwayman ‘ang’d at Tyburn (old Marble Arch…(last man on the old gibbit) leaned across the counter (I still ‘as the counter top) at old Mummerys on Winchmore Hill Green, to purchase ‘is sixteen strands o’ colour for ‘is knee decor…OK I know you can get them pale h’immitation strands in J.. Lewis Welwyn Gardin City…but the travel, bussis, trains, scenery….I blame THE PLANNERS, not to mention the drainin munnys.

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