Un grand jour pour Palmers Green: great shops shock

Now I dont want to get you overexcited but…looks like we have just gotten ourselves an ‘artisan boulangerie’. And a greengrocers has just  opened near the corner with Hedge Lane. And Westlakes, though its sadly closing, will be taken over by another family hardware store.

Ooh: Get us!

Now Palmers Greeners, you do know what you have to do if you want to keep them, dont you…?

Now, can we stretch  to a butchers…? And I want a deli. And a book shop. And…


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Great to have a local bakery – went past it the other day. Was disappointed to see all the cakes & pastries piled up by the window near the entrance door – uncovered! Please put them under glass at least. I would love to be a regular customer!

Apropos of your comments about Palmers Green, it is interesting to note that Palmers Green had a wonderful and very successful bookshop, managed by Palmers Green resident, Joanna Cameron, now living in Saffron Walden. The bookshop was forced to close in 2007 but it is fondly remembered as a hub of literary activity.

Joanna Cameron was Co-organiser with myself, Katherine Gallagher, of the Palmers Green Stevie Smith Centenary Poetry Festival: ‘Ten Days with Stevie Smith’ celebrating Palmers Green’s wonderful Stevie who lived there all her life from the age of three.

The bookshop’s closing prompted a series of poetry readings, Poetry in Palmers Green’.which is in its eighth year.The next reading is on April 18 featuring readings by well-known poets and music from the Helios Consort Recorder Ensemble and takes place at: St. John’s Parish Centre, N13, 7.15 p.m.. Do come. . . . . .

Meanwhile … there are a couple of good butchers and a good fishmonger a bit lower down Green Lanes, 33 for the butcher and 24 for the fishmongers. A couple of bakers doing excellent Turkish bread and a newly-revamped Lefteris bakery doing stunning Spelt and other breads.

And of course we already had the excellent Aroma. I like the sound of Lefteris, will have to make a pilgrimage! Do you mean Palmers Green Fisheries btw, we keep meaning to visit.

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