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Tree or triangle?

You can have a tree or triangle – that seems to be the stark choice facing Palmers Greeners as they look ahead to the future of Green Lanes.

Enfield’s Highway Services team have announced that while there was every intention to install a tree to replace the chestnut that stood at the Triangle for many years, investigations conducted at the time of the installation of the Triangle Clock have shown that there is no viable place for a tree on the site – in their own words “we have concluded that a tree cannot and will not be introduced into the current Triangle layout..”

Colin Younger, who has been following the story of the tree closely on the Palmers Green Community website, is asking if we should consider the  words ‘current Triangle layout’ ominous. And I wonder what will happen to the money donated to the Council  by the Broomfield House Museum Trust for the specific purpose of planting a tree?

Meanwhile, the recent meeting about shared space in Enfield was packed out – see the article, again by Colin Younger. And Basil Clarke writes on the possibility that mini Holland may offer a much needed solution to our streets being used as a rat run.

To join in the debate, visit Palmers Green Community.

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