Elvis molar on tour

News comes to us via The Londonist that a little bit of Elvis is coming to live among us – briefly.

Elvis’s false tooth (who knew?) is to be exhibited at Brightside Dental Surgeons in Bowes Park on 22 May as part of a campaign to raise awareness of oral cancer. The tooth, a screw in number, was made for the King in the 1970s by his dentist Michael Zuk. And, if that weren’t exciting enough, it’s encased in a mould of the singers mouth.

More importantly, the practice is also offering free screenings for mouth cancer. Visit their Facebook page for further details.

If you are vaguely interested in Elvis, I highly recommend Albert Goldman’s book (called ‘Elvis’, link below)in particular the bit where Elvis and his friends get in a plane to just to get takeout sandwiches. (Not from Palmers Green obviously. There are Greggs’ everywhere.)

I really should have been able to think of a witty title for this item – any suggestions?!

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