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The chances of anything coming from mars…are a million to one

Following on from our article a few days ago about an alleged UFO sighting, we have been contacted by Mickey Gocool of North London Paranormal Investigations. Sightings tend to break out this time of year, probably because people are outside more. Says Mickey,

Chinese_floating_lotus_lanternsWe have looked at this latest report of an Orange UFO in Enfield.  We have also noted that there have been similar reports in 2005, 2008, 2009, 2011 and a couple of weeks ago yet all occurring around the same time of year.

Having taken the witness reports into account as well as other factors, we are fairly sure that the “Orange UFO” is a chinese lantern, possibly being release to make an anniversary.

If anyone has any information relating to Aerial Phenomena in the area we would like to know.
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And naturally we would love to know too…

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