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New film celebrates Broomfield Park

A new film has been launched this week to promote Broomfield Park.  Created,  directed and produced by Christine Lalla, who grew up in Palmers Green, the intention is to support the efforts of local groups to restore the house, water garden and stable yard, by showing Broomfield’s unique history and heritage.

The film features historic clips and local people speaking about their memories and connections with the house and park including Kate Godfrey, Ralph Hutchings, and Janet Iorns, grandaughter of Broomfield’s first head gardener, William Ellis.

Music is by Graham Hine


For more information about work to conserve and restore the house and park, visit  and

One reply on “New film celebrates Broomfield Park”

Brilliant film which brought back many happy memories. I was born in the Southgate Town Hall in 1927 and lived there until 1952 so spent most of my childhood playing in Broomfield Park and had many an ice cream from the shop in Broomfield House. Sadly, a huge number of my Dad’s Fire Brigade photos, brass helmet, awards etc. were lost in the fire. I also remember running to the air raid shelters in the park when there was an air raid during the 2nd World War. From the film I can see it is still a beautiful park and well worth a visit. Incidentally, is Abigail Berry mentioned in the credits anyone to do with the Joyce Berry I knew as a child and lived in Palmers Green?
She would be in her eighties now.

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