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Have your cake and eat it

There is an opportunity to celebrate the highest of art forms – which, though I should not have to spell it out to you, is cake – at the Big Green Bookshop on Sunday.

The bookshop will be host to the Clandestine Cake Club, the idea to ‘Bake, eat and talk about CAKE. Arrive as strangers leave as friends’.  The theme will be “Sweet Reads” and you are invited to choose your favourite book, author or story book character, and bring along an appropriate cake.  Do you like Winnie the Pooh? Then bake a honey cake, and bring in along. Prefer Roald Dahl? Then it’s chocolate all the way…I have no idea what you should bring along if your favourite book is by Irvine Welsh but perhaps you had better just chose another favourite.

Remember to bring enough to share, and bring a container so you can take some cake away with you (if it doesn’t all get eaten). The event is from 2-4, and more details can be found on the Clandestine Cake Club website.

 Even if you don’t like cake, the bookshop has a great selection of books and is doing wonderful things for Wood Green and the surrounding community. Why not wander along soon anyway?

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