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The Empire on the ‘ill, was a rough old gaff – still

….it meant a lot to the locals of Edmonton Green. A little Chas and Dave to take us into Easter weekend.

Chas Hodges was born in Edmonton in December 1943 and Rockney partner in crime Dave Peacock in Enfield in 1945, growing up in Ponders End and Freezywater.

In Edmonton Green, Hodges pays tribute to the old shopkeepers and characters long gone – Tubby Isaacs’ takeaway, ‘the old boy sellin’ taters in old newspapers…for a penny’. It finishes with a rather risqué and non pc bit at the end about picking up old bags, which I regret to inform you are not references to Keep Britain Tidy.

Still, its Chas & Dave innit.


Thanks to the Enfield Society for sharing this link.


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