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Do you remember Dr Sansom of Green Lanes?

Do you remember Dr Sansom of Green Lanes? Christine Ryland is working on her family history, and wonders if anyone can help.

There were three Dr Sansoms, she explains

A great uncle named Bertram Eli Sansom was a Doctor – address, 14 The Villas, Green Lanes, Palmers Green.  His practice address was 143, Chase Side, with one of his sons, S.V. Sansom.  Another son’s practice address was 178 Green Lanes, (later 190).

Bertram Eli’s dates are 1877 – 1952 and he would have been in Palmer’s Green in the early 1900’s.  We have letters dated 1921 and 1925 when he was at 14, The Villas.

Any extra info that you may be able to add will be received most gratefully.

I am guessing that the Villas could be those on the west of Green Lanes between the Fox and Hoppers Road, which were built before 1900 and are some of the oldest remaining houses in Palmers Green.

If you remember the Sansoms, or know someone who might, please contact Christine at And drop us a line too!

One reply on “Do you remember Dr Sansom of Green Lanes?”

Hello Christine

see this pdf via google. Its about the writer, speech educator and librettist Clive Sansom, who lived in Palmers Green for a while, so I am wondering if he has a connection with your Dr Sansom – possibly not, it may be just a coincidence of name and a complete red herring.

He wasnt born in PG but lived in the area in later life and was interested in quakerism – he and his wife Ruth were married in Winchmore Hill. . If I am not mistaken, I read something in Paul Scott’s biography about him living next door to Scott (writer of the Raj Quartet etc – this site is called Jewel in the North because of Scott’s Jewel in the Crown) when he lived on Bourne Hill and he, his wife and Scott formed a very intense artistic friendship for a while – Clive Sansom acted as a kind of mentor. I will probably do some more research on him by and by, as he needs to be listed in our notable people section.

Betty does vaguely remember a Dr Sansom, and thinks he may even have lived at Oakthorpe, the house that was bombed in the war just opposite where she lived in the Town Hall. She mentions Oakthorpe in the first story we did on her memories. However, she herself didnt have him as her doctor. so cant be sure, so what I would do is contact Enfield Local studies centre. They have copies of Kelly’s directory for each year, which lists name address and occupation. They will certainly have plenty from the years you are looking for and are very helpful.

Hope your search is progressing well, all very best

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