New air terminal for Palmers Green?

Jean de Manio on the roof of 75 Derwent Road in his Bleriot monoplane. Image by kind permission of James Birtwistle

This was the scene in a recently built Palmers Green street on 6 December 1912.

Pilot Jean de Manio had been on his way from the aerodrome at Balls Park (on the outskirts of Hertford, now part of the university campus) to Hendon in his Bleriot monoplane when he lost his way before getting into engine touble. He aimed for Broomfield Park, but fell short and crashed into the roof of no 75 Derwent Road, at that time the residence of a Mr Andow. Sustaining only cuts and bruises, he was thence rescued by two schoolboys, who went and got a ladder from Southgate County School while de Manio calmly puffed on a cigarette. Those, indeed, were the days of aviation.

The spectacle was reported on by the Recorder on 19 December 1912

All ways led to Derwent Road, and the inevitable crowd gathered. I think it may he said that the majority of the inhabitants of this usually peaceful suburb felt the importance of the occasion, and I verily believe that they were even imbued with a feeling akin to pride that the first aeroplane to fall—I beg pardon, to fly—on to a house-roof should have performed that feat in their own neighbourhood.

Sadly, de Manio died in a further accident a year later, before the birth of a baby son, also called Jean. As Jack de Manio, Jean Jnr became one of the most famous and controversial radio presenters of the 50s and 60s.

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  3. deepindercheema says:

    There was a really good plate glass photo of the incident published by Temple Press at the time. It was reprinted in The Motorcycle in the early 1980’s.

  4. Mirko says:

    Hi Sue,
    How are you?
    Sorry if I ask again but I have any chance to get a good scan or copy of the picture of the airplane over the roof?
    It’s very important for me and for my study , if you can do something please give me a chance.
    I’m sure in your help and waiting for your answer I wish you a good day!
    Best regards

  5. mirko aliberti says:

    Sorry , I’m form Italy , near the small town on the alps where your pilot born (1874 RIMELLA , PIEMONTE).
    It’s correct name is GIOVAN BATTISTA MANIO , JEAN BAPTISTE MANIO you can also found J.B.MANIO.
    It was very popular on the 1912 in England for is raid over your sky.
    I’m trying to study Mrs Manio to write a book of the lost italian pioneer of flight , do you know if exist any real images of that airplane over the roof .

    Sorry thank you so much for any answer.

    • Suzanne Beard says:

      Hi Mirko, yes, the current householder has a picture, as does our local studies library. I will email you! all best Sue Beard

      • Mirko says:

        Hi Sue,
        Thank you so much for your answer, I will appreciate any information about the events of Mrs MANIO in order to get more details of his life, any images or anedoctes.
        For any communication my private mail is the follow

        I thank you so much for your interest , I hope a day to return your favour.

        Best regards

  6. Sue from PG says:

    Then ‘I know its over’

  7. Sue from PG says:

    I know you are just trying to lure me into saying Big Mouth Strikes Again, but I am not going to

  8. How soon is now to tell you that the email notifications are working lovely. They look good too! No need to Panic.

  9. Hmm, I seemed to have missed this reply. I’m sure the notify option is working though. That would be so funny Sue. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want!

  10. Sue from PG says:

    I shall henceforth be using verily in all articles, though I shall stop short of concealing Smiths references a la Chris Packham

  11. Thanks, I love these history articles Sue. Why does no-one say verily any more.

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