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Spitting to become illegal in Palmers Green

Earlier this week I was standing at the bus stop on Green Lanes, when I was joined by a middle  aged lady. As we gently sizzled in the sun my companion, with no sign of self-consciousness, began to dig deep and promptly issue a copious and foamy splat of spittle. I prayed I would remember where it was when I left my spot to get on the bus.

Image by kind permission of Leithcote, Creative Commons
Image by kind permission of Leithcote, Creative Commons

Now let’s be honest, there are some bad habits which you might be able to see the appeal of but I have never understood the need – in terms of giving comfort, medical relief or any other benefit – for spitting. I have lived an entirely spit  free life, and anything which might have turned out less than 100% perfect cannot easily be attributed to my failure to honk my guts up and  deposit it on the pavement.

But could spitting in Enfield be about to become a thing of the past? Following a campaign led by the Enfield Over 50s group, and a petition signed by over 4000 people, Enfield could be about to become the first borough in the country with a ban on spitting.

The borough has asked the Government to create a special by law covering Enfield which would make spitting an offence. Eric Pickles is understood to have given his approval in principle, and the law will be confirmed provided a month-long public  consultation is  in support of the move.

The new by law will mean that those caught spitting on the street without a ‘reasonable excuse’ will be issued with a fixed penalty notice and could be fined up to £5000.

But you will still be able to spit into a tissue or hanky if you really want to.



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