Tymon Dogg

Singer and songwriter

Tymon Dogg was another resident of 18 Ash Grove. Born Steven Murray in Lancashire in 1950, Dogg began performing at the Peppermint Lounge and the Cavern in Liverpool aged just 14. He was signed to Pye in 1968 where his first single was recorded with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones as session musicians. Later recordings featured Paul McCartney on piano and James Taylor on guitar. Finding little success, and after busking around Europe for a while, he was then taken under the wing of Moody Blues, touring with them and playing the Royal Festival Hall in 1969. The programme described him as a ‘tramp like person, wandering from place to place’,’ playing music that desperately needs to be heard’. He got to know strummer in 1971, moved into Ash Grove, and later busked with him after Strummer dropped out of Newport Art School. Tymon often supported Strummers band The 101ers before forming the Fools in the mid 1970s. He went on to play on Sandinista and Combat Rock and later recorded with the Poison Girls and Cuban legend Compay Segundo. He joined Joe Strummer’s Mescaleros in 2000 but the band was short lived. Strummer died suddenly in December 2002. http://www.tymondogg.net/gpage24.html

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