A debt

This website is hugely indebted to many people, but in particlar Alan Dumayne, a local man who loved the area and wrote a number of fantastic books about Palmers Green, Winchmore Hill and Southgate.

There are many writers who have come before and after, including Graham Dalling, David Pam, Matthew Eccleston,  and Bernard Byrom, who we have read with a sense of fascination and wonder. A list of sources and further reading is included in this section – there is so much to learn and we have barely touched the  surface.

Sense of place is about so many things – people, memories, physical features, communities, our shared and separate histories. So we have tried to add to what Dumayne and others have written, bring in new material of our own, and approach things in a different way to create something new. I hope that he, and they, would approve.

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