Sir Arthur Beverley Baxter

MP for Wood Green (1935-50) and Enfield Southgate (1950- 1964)  and theatre critic (1891-1964)

Baxter was born in Canada, though his father was from Yorkshire. He came to Europe in the first World War as part of the Canadian Expeditionary Force before joining the Royal Engineers and then settling in London after the war to work on the Daily Express and the Sunday Express, and then for Gaumont pictures. He was elected as MP for Wood Green in 1935, where he strongly supported a policy of appeasement in respect of Germany in the run up to the Second World War, but later became a strong supporter of Churchill. Baxter held his seat until 1950 before moving to Enfield Southgate in 1950, all the time doubling as a theatre critic. In 1963 he attracted criticism in That was the week that was for having not made a speech in parliament since the general election in 1959.

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