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This site has been put together for the people of Palmers Green and those who have an interest in the history and people of the area. I hope that you will be interested in some of the things you read, and will enjoy having a wander round. Better still, I hope you will want to to contribute, either by making a comment, sending in a correction, telling us what you know about Palmers Green or about a memory, or perhaps submitting an idea for a story we could cover. The aim is to gather everything we know about PG in one place so that it’s there for everyone.

A few house rules:

  • This website has taken many  hundreds of hours to put together and is covered by copyright.
  • You are welcome to use articles and information you find on this site for educational or  not for profit purposes; however, you may not under any circumstances reproduce or otherwise use the content on this site for commercial purposes without express permission of the webmaster. Content includes: illustrations, articles, and comments by users. To make an enquiry, please contact the webmaster using the contact us page.
  • You are very welcome to comment on the site by contacting us directly or by using the comment facility you will find at the bottom of each page – we will be pleased to hear from you. If you do chose to make a comment, this will be considered a donation and contribution to the site, and will become part of it. Huge thanks – its very appreciated.
  • This site is for everyone. Please respect others and do not make any remarks on this forum which are in any way abusive of others, in particular in respect of race, religion, sexual orientation and so on. Comments breaching this rule will be removed as soon as possible but inevitably may not always be spotted straight away. Any opinions posted on this site by users are those of the individual (postee) only.

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Hello Katherine, I think that she went to school at Miss Hums, which was where the fairy box now is. I know you are doing an article so thought I had better mention it!

all best to you, and keep on keeping on

Hello.Sue I’m very glad to know about your wwebsite. Palmers Green is such an individual, resilient place. Is anyone interested in a workshop I’m leading on Stevie Smith, Palmers Green’s great poet, at the Dugdale Centre, Enfield, on Saturday, April 5th, 1 – 5 pm?. Stevie went to school in a building where Anthony Webb’s offices now stands. I was co-organiser of the 2002 Stevie Smith Centenary Palmers Green Poetry Festival. Details are on my website:
mail@katherine-gallagher.com Katherine Gallagher: 020 8881 1418

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