Palmers Green in literature

Small Holdings Nicola Barker. Barker has achieved greatest recognition through her novel Darkmans, which was shortlisted for the Man Booker, but her teenage years were spent in Enfield and her second novel focuses on the gardeners in Broomfield Park.

August, I’ll go to bed at noon, A curious earth  Gerard Woodward.  Woodward grew up in the area, and local landmarks and particularly hostelries are clearly identifiable in these three acclaimed novels which chart the troubled lives of the Jones family of Fernlight Avenue

 The Raj Quartet, Staying On Paul Scott Scott’s writing is largely set in India of course but, for biographer Hilary Spurling, Scott’s upbringing in Palmers Green without question had a profound impact on this writing

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What do you know about Nicola Barker’s time in Enfield and connection with the park. I’ve just caught up with Small Holdings and am wondering about getting some background for the Broomfield exhibition

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