Jona Lewie

Singer, always in the kitchen at parties

While there is no evidence we are aware of to suggest that Jona Lewie has ever even stepped foot in Palmers Green, he is the performer of the only well known song to mention Palmers Green. His top 10 hit, You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties includes the lines 

“I met this sexy thing, she laugh and talk with me / She was into French cuisine but I aint no cor-don-bleu / This was at some do in Palmer’s Green, I had no luck with her”.

Most of the lyrics were penned by Keef Trouble, who had been in Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts with Lewie, and had attended a party near The Fox after splitting up with his girlfriend.  

Sadly, when the song was rerecorded by Man Like Me in 2010, ‘Palmers Green’ was changed to ‘Bethnal Green’.  Boo.  

There is a clip of Jona Lewie talking about how the song was written on Youtube.  

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