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Underground art in Southgate

The latest artist to exhibit at Southgate’s Space Art Gallery is a man with a mission.

Rickmansworth based Ross Ashmore has set himself the task of painting each and every station on the London Underground. And what’s more, he has nearly done it – of the 267 on his original list, there are only 55 remaining and he plans to complete them all by London Underground’s  150th anniversary celebrations this summer.

“I love the Underground,” says Ross.

“I love the concept of going below ground and resurfacing somewhere else. A Doctor Who episode Web of Fear 1968 also had a big impact on me as a youngster featuring the ‘Yetis’ in the Underground!

“Because society is changing so fast I want to document the Underground Stations in paint – even since painting the stations, some of them have undergone changes already.”

You can view 100 of his paintings at the gallery from 4 March through to 5 April

ross ashmore
Euston station as depicted by Ross Ashmore, exhibiting at Space this month

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