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A little glimpse of Bourlet’s

Current refurbishment at the site of the audio visual shop has revealed the  fascia underneath of Bourlet’s the  jewellers, who previously occupied the site at 349 Green Lanes.

Bourlet’s is slightly iconic in Palmers Green because of it’s old jewellers clock, which is still on the building though long ago stopped and looking a little unloved.

2014-08-06 17.48.46I have often wondered who the Bourlets were – can anyone tell us more about them? There is a Bourlet’s Close in Fitzrovia, and a Bourlet’s fine art dealer, but other than that…

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I don’t know much about the Palmers Green Shop, only the shop at 71 Chase Side Southgate, N14 5BU. A week before we got married 18th January 1975, we went to Bourlet to purchase my Gold wedding Ring, which will be 45 years old next January 2020, I still have the receipt, no: 00190-18, which is ironic as we got married on the 18th, the Owners names on the receipt were, C.L.D. Chidley, C.E.M. Bourlet and C.F.Groom. Branch Manager: A. L. Stephens F.G.A.

I worked for Bourlet at 71 Chase side Southgate…and later at 349 Green lanes from 1963 aged
17 years until 22 years old . It was very enjoable working with manager Mr Woodley and his wife, Hilda, and I used to wind up the clock at the local Alms house among other duties..never met daughter Janiice. I was fortunate to be trained for a certificate at The Gold & Silversmiths, and used to travel to Clerkingwell London and Hatton Garden collecting various items, watches/jewellery etc.

Look up if you are passing Costa Coffee in Palmers Green and you will see that an old friend is back. The Bourlet’s clock has been restored to its former glory in the original colour.

This project was carried out and funded by me, and took over 5 months to complete at a cost of nearly 5k. It’s something that I’ve done for the enjoyment of the community and for passers by who can now see the time again from this wonderful historical clock which has been out of action for over 30 years.

Thank you Frix – were going to drive back to Palmers Green very shortly to see the clock in all its restore glory.

Bourlet’s jewellers was owned by a Mr Chidley who was the uncle of my dear Uncle Claude Kempton. The manager for many years was Charles Woodley who lived above the shop. He was married to Hilda and they had two children, Keith and Janice. I am 73 years old and remember the shop so well.
Yvonne Johnson

Hello Yvonne, I remember you, we used to play together. My dad was manager at Bourlets until his retirement in 1976. Bob and I are now living in Suffolk, but I have such
happy memories of growing up in Palmers Green. Broomfield Park, the Palmadium and Gaumont cinemas, Palm Court dancing school, standing under the clock to watch the carnival go by. I even worked in Bourlets for a time on Saturdays as a teenager when they were busy at Christmas! I’m on. Facebook, please be my friend. Janice (Woodley) Barnett x

A J Bourlet was my Grandfathers brother. My father called him Uncle Jack and I remember visiting him in his retirment years in Bournemounth after he had sold the shop.
We did go up to the shop when I was much younger but apart from remembering my fathers excitement on going to the shop to meet his uncle I don’t remember much of the inside of the shop itself.
I do have a diamond ring today that my grandfather bought from his brother and has been handed down to me from my father.

Bill Bourlet

Bourlet was a very pleasant shop with a sparkling display of their jewels. I always noted their external clock for in those days I did not have a wrist watch! Later I purchased one from within.

I knew one of the staff … Mrs Pamela Boadella who lived in Lynbridge Gardens. Her husband Geoff worked at Northmet House,Cannon Hill, Southgate. He was a top class amateur cricketer from the 1920s at Southgate County School right through to the 1960s with Northampton Poly in Oakthorpe Road …but that is another story…or rather a book.

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