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The road that roared

Our neighbours in Bowes and Bounds Green awoke one day last week to find that it wasnt the birds that were tweeting (though we do not doubt the mellifluousness of B&B’s streets), but its roads.

So here I am, on twitter. But why am I here, after all I am just a road? Well I will tell you…

began Myddleton Road @MyddletonRd_N22  in its first tweet.

I am more than a road. I am the heart, the lung, the brain and the soul of a community. This may sound pretentious, but hear me out.

If you cut me do I not bleed? No, I am a road. But if I am hurt then a community shares my pain. If I am abused then we abuse ourselves.

And I have had enough. No more. I will share my secrets so that the people who live here, love here and rule here can see what is done to me

And maybe something will be done. Or maybe it won’t but at least people will know. Know what? Of the abuse that brings me down.

Subsequent tweets have formed a diary of hopes, indignities, disappointments and calls to action occasionally broken by a rhyme and proud boast about a swanky passing Ferrari. Near the knuckle, risky and often brilliant, its worth checking out.

Now PGJITN is no fool, and suspects, like our partner website Bowes and Bounds Connected, that it is not in fact the road which is tweeting, but a person.

But who are they? And what would Palmers Green’s roads say if they could only tweet? Are some twittering away already? Tell us!

The Myddleton Road tweeter

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