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Graham Dalling, the history man

Graham Dalling at work image This is local London

We were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of local historian Graham Dalling, who died on Christmas Eve after a battle with cancer.

If you are interested in the history of the area, you cannot fail to have come across Graham Dalling’s many books including Enfield Past, Southgate and Enfield Past, The Enfield Book, All Stations to Enfield Town, and Southgate and Edmonton Street Names. Always able to string a story together from a maelstrom of facts, clues and documentation, all meticulously researched, his style was entertaining and well-informed.

Born in 1949, Graham joined Enfield Library service in 1967 and qualified as a librarian in 1972. With David Pam, he was instrumental in setting up the local history team which had its home for many years in Palmers Green, bringing together an archive which included newspapers, historic documents, photos and other records, and conducting his own original research. He was involved in many local organisations, including the Enfield Society, of which he was a director, and the Edmonton Hundred Historical Society.

Graham’s passion for Enfield and our local history never waned. He told This is Local London in April 2009 on his retirement from the library

“As citizens of Enfield we need to know who we are, where we come from and what we stand for.”

You can hear Graham talking about the suburbanization of Southgate in this clip from 2012’s  N21 festival

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I met Graham when he was working in Palmers Green and he was a great help to me in tracing my ancestors from the area,, I have several books of his. He often wrote how much he was looking forward to his retirement but did not have much time to enjoy it, a great loss to Enfield and his family.

I was researching my old history, and where i did my work experience with Graham Dalling in the Palmers Green library downstairs, this was in 1979 and we became good friends for many years as i joined the local Enfield Archaeology Society, Dave Pam too was there and a lady by memory Dawn but long time ago. He was so knowledgeable and helped so much. A great person to Palmers Green and Enfield.

I met Graham Dalling when he was working at the History Centre which was still in Palmers Green so sorry to hear about his death a great loss to the local Enfield area.

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