Still hope for The Woodman

Curtains were closed at The Woodman this afternoon, while local residents continued to campaign to persuade owner Marston’s brewery to reconsider closure.

We understand that the pub officially closed last weekend, but has been open a couple of evenings since to run down stock.

Campaigners on the pub’s Facebook page  have blamed the closure  on Marston’s anti competitive business practices –  in which landlords are encouraged to invest and become increasingly indebted to the brewery – combined with high rents and beer tariffs for the beer which landlords are obliged to buy from the brewery and the effects of the current economic climate.

A petition was launched on Sunday when publican of the Queen’s Head, Sue Ritchie posted news of the pub’s closure on the Love your Doorstep Facebook group – the second recent closure in the area. Love your Doorstep went into action and set up the petition. Over 200 people have signed in the first week  – and over 80 Palmers Greeners have already clicked on the story on this site in the last few days. We have also contacted David Burrowes MP and local residents associations in the hope that they will offer support.

This week the Enfield Gazette contacted a spokesman from Marstons who stated that they had been working with the tenants for some time to resolve issues with the business but these had yet to reach successful resolution. However, they continued to ‘hope that we can reach a resolution with the tenants of The Woodman.’

Local residents are being encouraged to write directly to Ralph Finlay, Chief Executive at Marstons.  (Marstons website states that it is ‘at the heart of thriving communities across the UK’ ). 

Meanwhile, if you haven’t signed the petition, please do it now, and tell your friends and neighbours. There is a link on the right hand sidebar of this site.


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Dropped by today mid afternoon – nice fire in grate, a few people with pints (ie it’s still a pub!). Landlord confirmed 3pm saturday football matches will be shown, but a Bulgarian phrasebook may be necessary as it’s via a satellite link.

The Woodman has reopened under the proverbial ‘New Management’. Not been in there yet – has anyone else?

It certainly is a very old pub and was, according to Alan Dumayne, built in 1727 (P36) which probably makes it one of the oldest in Palmers Green. It was originally only a cottage where beer was sold but by the mid 1800s was a landmark pub, where beer could be obtained “by the Pound”

We really cannot quite believe that the Woodman has closed – its been my local for over 30 years- with more than four sucessive dogs – all being welcomed.
I knew that money was tight and some eveings were quiet – but since Febrauary – so many events and eveings were planned – every effort was made to keep the custom and fill the bar.
its unque in the area- small(ish) friendly- lovely open area as well as cosy bars- this just cannot be allowed to reamin closed.

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